KI Absicherung

KI Absicherung reaches important milestone with interim presentation

On 11th March 2021 KI Absicherung, the largest project of the KI Familie, held its interim presentation to an audience of 250 participants. Due to the pandemic the interim presentation was held online.

The event started with an introduction into the project by its project coordinator Dr. Stephan Scholz, Volkswagen AG. The main ambition of the project is to make the safety of AI-based function modules for highly automated driving verifiable. One of the greatest challenges in integrating AI technologies in highly automated vehicles is to ensure the usual functional safety of previous systems. Existing and established safety processes cannot simply be transferred to machine learning methods. In the KI Absicherung project, a stringent and provable safety argumentation is being set up for the first time, with which AI-based function modules (AI-modules) can be secured and validated for highly automated driving.

The speech was followed by a presentation of the Proof of Project Concept by PD. Dr. Michael Mock, Fraunhofer IAIS and Scientific coordinator and consortium co-lead of the project. This concept was successfully carried out to define and exemplify the detailed technical workflow for developing a stringent safety-argumentation for AI-based perception functions in a minimalistic example. It was implemented at the operational level and serves as a blueprint for the collaboration and interaction of all sub-projects of KI Absicherung.

The two introductory lectures were followed by presentations of the four subprojects and 11 parallel topic sessions.

The entire article and the overview and subproject presentations of the interim presentation can be found here