KI Absicherung

Safe AI for Automated Driving – Workshop (SAIAD) accepted at CVPR2021

The workshop aims to bring together various researchers from academia and industry that work at the intersection of autonomous driving, safety-critical AI applications, and interpretability. This years’ edition will be the third time that the workshop is being held at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference taking place 19-25 June 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic it will be a fully virtual event. Previous installments have gathered significant interest among participants of the conference.

The workshop is organized in large parts by people working together in the KI Absicherung project. The main topic this year is Safe AI in perception as well as the three adjacent areas standardization in Safe AI, ethics and the Safe AI from areas other than the automotive industry and its transferability. The workshop intends to serve as a starting point for these related topics.

Learn more about the workshop, its program and find the latest information here: The Call for Papers is currently being prepared and will be published on the website soon.