Here is a list of all the KI Absicherung publications:


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  26. Michael Mock, Fraunhofer IAIS, Stephan Scholz, Volkswagen AG, Loren Schwarz, BMW AG, Thomas Stauner, BMW AG, Fabian Hüger, Volkswagen AG, Frédérik Blank, Robert Bosch GmbH, Andreas Rohatschek, Robert Bosch GmbH, KI-Absicherung: Proof of Project Concept conducted, 01.04.2021



Here is a list of public KI Absicherung presentations:

02.03.2021 - Dr. Stephan Scholz at the joint event of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the VDA: AI Land Meets Safety Land (German)

27.10.2020 - Fraunhofer Solution Days: Dr. Michael Mock, IAIS: Absicherung und Zertifizierung von KI (German)

26.10.2020 - The Connected Car and Autonomous Driving: Dr. Sebastian Houben, IAIS: KI Absicherung - Safe AI for Automated Driving

05.10.2020 - TÜV AI Conference - Meet the Expert: Dr. Michael Mock, IAIS: Projektvorstellung KI Absicherung (German)

26.06.2020 - XR EXPO 2020: Markus Huber, Mackevision Medien Design GmbH: Enabling Autonomous Driving Simulations through Virtual Worlds



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